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Paragon is committed to giving our clients the attention they deserve.  We've created a gym that lives for that one on one personal... read more.


We believe nutrition is the cornerstone of our personal training approach.  Everything comes down to nutrition: The way your body changes, the way you recover... read more.


High school, college and professional athletes train at Paragon.  Our certified personal trainers provide programs for each individual athlete's strength, nutrition... read more. 

Online Coaching

We have partnered with MyPTHub to bring our Paragon Strength and Fitness programming to your mobile devices!  Now, wherever you are, you will have your one on one personal trainer... read more.

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Take Action On Improving Your Life!


At Paragon, we want to change our clients' overall physique by focusing on a COMPLETE fitness program, and not limiting to just one style or technique.
Overall fitness is reached by working on a client's:
  • Strength- By correcting muscle imbalances and gaining lean muscle mass.
  • Flexibility- We specialize in facial stretching and massage.
  • Cardiac Function- We provide each client with detailed cardio instruction.
  • Rehabilitation- We are passionate about "pre-hab" or preventing future injuries, and improving the mobility of past injuries.

Clients can feel confident continuing in their injury rehabilitation at Paragon.  We are familiar with PT protocols and progressions, as well as specific injury limitation.


A client's physical and mental health is valued at Paragon.  When it comes to transforming your life, a key place to start is by redirecting your mental focus.  Instead of just focusing on your current failures, at Paragon, we inspire our clients to focus their minds on their long term & short term goals.  By focusing on improving their health clients will positively enhance everything in their lives!

Paragon finds health benefits by focusing on:

  • Mental Acuity- By lifting weights individuals can improve their focus, memory, concentration, and everyday task performance.
  • Education- Knowledge of how to lift weights correctly and safely is something that is timeless and valuable to everyone.
  • Confidence- When a client pushes themselves, and sees what they can truly do in the weight room, their self worth is always enhanced.

Because of Paragon's personal approach, we can improve upon a client's health issue with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, food allergies, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.  We love communicating with your doctor, and often recommend obtaining a full blood panel before starting our program.


Nutrition is a key factor to a Paragon client's success.  We take our clients' nutrition education very seriously.  Our Paragon Team of Trainers spend hours outside of the gym creating personalized diets for each of our clients.  Taking the time to learn and experience what type of nutrition program works best for your metabolism will set you up for a lifetime of health and fitness success.

These are the core components to creating a successful nutrition program:

  • Body Fat Testing- Every week body stats are performed on our clients to log scientific evidence and closely monitor whether their nutrition program is working.  The goal is to lose fat, gain lean muscle mass, and to not focus solely on the scale weight.
  • Personalized Programs -  Nutrition programs are created through detailed conversations with our clients about foods they like to eat.  We want to set them up for success!  We can accommodate individuals with food restrictions and allergies, as long as we believe what they are doing is healthy.
  • Making Educated Goals- The goal of a healthy nutrition program should be to reignite the metabolism and build lean muscle mass.  By gaining lean muscle, the metabolism will begin working properly and this will result in fat loss.  A healthy fat loss for individuals will vary, but is usually around 1-2 lbs of fat loss per week.
  • Creating Programs That Change as Your Body Changes- The vast experience of our Paragon Team of Trainers enables them to know how and when to adapt a client's nutrition program as their body responds.  A client's nutrition program will change frequently as the body adds lean mass and loses fat.


At Paragon you have a Team of Trainers available to you, who are ready to help you reach your personal strength goals. Each trainer brings a unique training style, but all work together to design a strength training program specific to reaching your goals.

Here is what is found in the heart of a Paragon Strength Training Session:

  • Variety- The Paragon Team of Trainers will use different strategies and exercise combinations each session to promote muscle confusion and timely results.
  • Education- At Paragon, we strive to educate clients how to lift safely and correctly.  Education encourages client engagement and they will receive more than just results, but a life skill they can take with them forever.
  • Safety- The Paragon Team of Trainer takes keeping their clients safe during workouts very seriously.  Throughout the strength training session a client will be monitored and spotted at all times.
  • Fascial Stretching- A hands-on fascia stretch is performed after every set during a Paragon strength training session.  Fascial Stretching can reduce soreness, can promote injury prevention, and will help create a long, lean look in the muscles.