One on One

Paragon is committed to giving our clients the attention they deserve.  We’ve created a gym that lives for that one on one personal…

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We believe nutrition is the cornerstone of our personal training approach. The way your body changes, the way you recover…

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High school, college and professional athletes train at Paragon. Our certified personal trainers provide programs for

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Online Coaching

We have partnered with MyPTHub to bring our Paragon Strength and Fitness programming to your mobile device! Now, wherever you are

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Take Action On Improving Your Life


At Paragon, we want to change our clients’ overall physique by focusing on a complete fitness program, never limiting them to just one style or technique. Overall fitness is reached by working with our clients on their:

Strength – Gaining lean muscle mass and correcting muscle imbalances.

Flexibility – We specialize in fascia stretching and passive stretching.

Cardiac Function – We provide each client with a detailed cardio plan.

Corrective Exercise – We are passionate about getting our clients to move and perform their best.


A client’s physical and mental health is valued at Paragon.  When it comes to transforming your life, a key place to start is by shifting your mindset.  Instead of focusing on current failures or limitations, we inspire our clients to shift their focus to long and short term goals.  By focusing on what we can accomplish daily and over time, our client’s health is positively enhanced.  Paragon find health benefits by focusing on:

Mental Acuity – Lifting weights can improve and individuals focus, memory, concentration and every day task performance.

Education – Being in the dark on your fitness is no fun.  We explain how to move correctly and safely, and strive to explain why we are doing these movements.

Confidence – When a client pushes themselves, they see what they can accomplish and their self worth is enhanced.


Nutrition is a key factor to our client’s successes.  Our Paragon team of trainers spend hours outside of the gym creating personalized diet plans for each of our clients.  We take the time needed to learn you specifically and craft a diet that supports your workouts and schedule.  These are the core components of our nutrition program:

Body Fat Testing – Every other week body stats are performed on our clients to log changes in their body composition.

Personalized Programs – Nutrition programs are created through detailed conversations with our clients about foods they like and foods they need to eat.  We accommodate individuals with food restrictions and allergies.

Fluidity – Your nutritional program will change with you.  As you lose or gain weight, we make the necessary adjustments to keep you moving in the right direction.