What is Athletic Training?

Athletic training is a process of preparation for a sport performance, put simply. It consists of several parts:

Conditioning training (strength training, endurance training, flexibility training).
Technique training (Technical preparation).
Psychological training (Mental preparation).

We combine these parts to create well rounded athletes.  Athletes will learn how to be dedicated.  They will learn discipline. They will find themselves stronger, faster, more flexible and better prepared for their given sport. We hold our Paragon athletes to a higher standard and therefore, they hold themselves to a higher standard.  Whether you are trying to make the team, or are preparing for the world of college athletics, let Paragon be with you every step of the way.

Who is Athletic Training for?

High school, college and professional athletes train at Paragon.  Our certified personal trainers provide programs for each individual athlete’s strength, nutrition and performance goals.  Whether in season, or in the off-season, athletes will enhance their strength, endurance and recovery with our training protocols.