Fitness Services

Uniquely Designed for Each Member

  • Located in the Bellevue area of Nashville, TN.
  • Personal fitness training and nutrition coaching.
  • Dedicated and Certified Personal Trainers.
  • A private gym setting, by appointment only.  
  • Our fitness services are individually designed to transform members and achieve the unique personal goals they set for themselves.
  • It is our passion to take this fitness journey with each and every client and provide the guidance, support and expertise needed to succeed. 

Strength & Fitness

Personal Fitness Training

As a member of Paragon Strength & Fitness, you will enjoy personalized hour-long sessions focused on strength training, muscle building and endurance. 

Online Personal Training

Call and video conferencing provides consistent motivation, education and personal accountability no matter where you are. 

Strength and Conditioning

Get sport-specific focus on strength, agility, flexibility, mental acuity and confidence building. At Paragon Strength and Fitness we push you to new limits of personal success.  

Fascia Stretching

Address muscle stiffness or imbalances, neck and back pain, and flexibility problems.

Corporate Programs

Customized fitness and nutrition training for your team leaders and employees.  We can create individual health and fitness plans for each employee, train them in our facility, and encourage them as they work towards reaching their goals.

Nutrition Coaching

We provide personal nutrition plans, recipes, diet tips, weekly body fat testing and accountability.